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March 5, 2024

Driving High-Quality Subscribers with Cost-Effective Ads, a startup content creation platform, partnered with, a premier paid ad marketing agency, to boost subscriber growth and paid users.

Challenge aimed to increase its subscriber base significantly within a short timeframe while maintaining a cost-effective approach to conversions.


Utilizing a strategic blend of Facebook/Instagram (FB/IG) ads and Google Ads, implemented targeted campaigns to attract the right audience to The focus was on leveraging the platforms' robust targeting capabilities to reach individuals interested in content creation, writing, and entrepreneurship, particularly within the African American community.

2600 new subscribers
cost per subscribers
Conversion rate
Conversion rate


  1. Audience Targeting: meticulously crafted audience segments based on demographics, interests, and online behavior to ensure precise targeting.
  2. Compelling Ad Creative: Engaging ad creatives were developed to resonate with the target audience, highlighting's value proposition and benefits.
  3. Continuous Optimization: Regular monitoring and optimization of ad campaigns were conducted to maximize performance and minimize costs per conversion.
  4. Multichannel Approach: Leveraging both FB/IG ads and Google Ads allowed for broader reach and increased visibility across different platforms, capturing potential subscribers at various touchpoints.


  • 2600 Subscribers Generated: Over the last three months, achieved an impressive milestone of acquiring 2500 new subscribers through the targeted ad campaigns.
  • Cost-Effective Conversions: Despite the substantial subscriber growth, the cost per conversion remained remarkably low at just $3, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the advertising strategies implemented by


Through a strategic partnership with, successfully achieved its subscriber growth objectives, acquiring a substantial number of high-quality subscribers at a cost-effective rate. This case study demonstrates the power of leveraging targeted advertising campaigns to drive tangible results and business growth.

Driving High-Quality Subscribers with Cost-Effective Ads
Driving High-Quality Subscribers with Cost-Effective Ads

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