Cheat Code Algo
March 7, 2024

Strategic Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaign for CheatCode Algo

In the competitive landscape of online trading, effective marketing can be the key to unlocking success., a leading paid ads marketing agency, work with CheatCode Algo, a revolutionary trading platform powered by AI, to elevate its market presence and drive conversions. This case study delves into how leveraged its expertise in paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram to achieve remarkable results for CheatCode Algo from January to February 2024.

Client Background

CheatCode Algo, an innovative trading platform designed to enhance users' trading capabilities through AI-driven insights.

Challenges Faced

Low Conversion Rates: CheatCode Algo struggled to convert leads into paying subscribers.

From January to February 2024
Low Cost Per Conversion
Product cost $99/month


To address these challenges, implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy focused on driving conversions and optimizing acquisition costs through Facebook and Instagram ads. Leveraging its expertise in paid advertising and data-driven optimization, executed the following approach:

  1. Campaign Diversification: created 15 targeted campaigns, each tailored to specific audience segments and market niches, to maximize reach and engagement on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Ad Set Optimization: Within each campaign, meticulously optimized 33 ad sets, fine-tuning targeting parameters to reach the most relevant audience segments and improve conversion rates.
  3. Creative Testing: developed and tested 101 ad variations, experimenting with different creatives, messaging angles, and calls-to-action to identify the most effective combinations for driving conversions on Facebook and Instagram.


Through its strategic marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram, achieved outstanding results for CheatCode:

  • 224 Conversions: From January to February 2024,'s Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns generated a total of 224 conversions for CheatCode, exceeding expectations and demonstrating the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.
  • Low Cost Per Conversion: Despite the product's $99/month subscription cost, achieved an average cost per conversion of only $20, showcasing the efficiency of its marketing efforts in driving results while maintaining profitability.
  • Strategic Testing and Optimization:'s commitment to continuous testing and optimization played a crucial role in driving success for CheatCode, allowing the agency to uncover valuable insights and refine its approach for maximum impact on Facebook and Instagram.

Conclusion's strategic Facebook and Instagram ads campaign exemplifies the power of data-driven optimization and targeted advertising in driving tangible results for its clients. By leveraging its expertise in paid advertising on these platforms and creative testing, not only helped CheatCode Algo overcome its marketing challenges but also positioned the trading platform for long-term success in a competitive market landscape. With its innovative approach and commitment to excellence, continues to empower clients like CheatCode Algo to achieve their business objectives and drive growth in their respective industries.

Strategic Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaign for CheatCode Algo
Strategic Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaign for CheatCode Algo

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