Sales Increased by 307% in just 3 Months
June 3, 2022

How we helped Plant-based Ecom Store to increase Sales by 307%

When Plant-based Ecom Store approached us for help with increasing their sales, we knew Paid Social Media Marketing was the way to go. After creating a comprehensive Paid Social Media Plan and executing it, we saw an impressive 307% increase in their sales—the results were undeniable!


Paid Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing Automation


Facebook & Instagram

Increase in Conversion Volume

Find The Bottleneck In Growth

The first thing we did was identify our bottleneck in growth. To do this, we looked at the factors that were driving our sales, such as website traffic, customer acquisition costs (CAC), conversion rates, and average order value (AOV). We found that while our website traffic was growing steadily over time, our conversion rate had plateaued due to customers leaving during checkout with an abandoned cart.

With this information in hand, we knew where to focus our efforts moving forward.

Fixing The Problem

Once we identified the problem areas in our client's business, we set out to fix them one by one. To reduce cart abandonment rates during checkout, we set up automated emails triggered when someone left their cart without completing the purchase. These emails included discounts or other offers designed to incentivize them to complete their order and drive more sales for our brand.

Additionally, to educate customers about why they should buy from us rather than competing brands, we created a comprehensive guide on all the features and benefits of using our products instead of others available on the market today.


It requires dedication and hard work with lots of trial and error along the way until you figure out what works best for your unique situation. For us, figuring out where our bottlenecks were allowed us to target those areas specifically and invest more resources into fixing them quickly instead of wasting time trying random things that may or may not have worked out in the end anyway.

The result was phenomenal! From $30k in sales to $122k in just 3 months.

How we helped Plant-based Ecom Store to increase Sales by 307%
How we helped Plant-based Ecom Store to increase Sales by 307%

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“When I started working with Edwin Jardin, he really helped me to create a sales funnel for my website that has literally increased my revenue by 500%. My company now gets sales every single day, and it’s a challenge to keep up with inventory – which is a great problem to have.”

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Penny Clarke
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